Santa Cruz Derby Girls demolish Beach Cities Roller Derby

SANTA CRUZ, CA >> The Santa Cruz Derby Girls’ All-Stars, the Boardwalk Bombshells, overpowered Beach Cities Roller Derby’s Riptide Rollers of Redondo Beach on Saturday 316-53 at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium.

It was not only a chance for Santa Cruz to showcase its roller derby dominance. It was a chance to welcome back former SCDG skater Pigeon (aka Shayna Meikle Anderson).

Pigeon began her derby career in Santa Cruz in 2008 and became a fledgling in 2010 when she moved to Southern California.

“Tonight was really nostalgic and it feels like I’ve come full circle,” Anderson said. “I started here as a kid in college and now I own a skate shop and started this derby league and it still feels like home, coming back to Santa Cruz.

“I used SCDG as a model for running my league and continue the values I learned here by giving back to my community. I told my teammates stories about playing here in Santa Cruz and the fans, and now they’ve gotten the Santa Cruz experience.”

In the first jam of the game, the All-Stars scored 19 points and held the Riptide Rollers scoreless. Between the Bombshells’ devastating defense and well-choreographed offense, the Riptide Rollers did not have much of a chance against Santa Cruz, which is now No. 15 in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s (WFTDA) international rankings.

Patti Smithereens (aka Sophia Magnone) has been moving up the Santa Cruz ranks and made her Civic debut as an All-Star. Almost halfway through the game, Patti donned the jammer star and scored 10 points to bring the Bombshells past the century mark, 103-0.

“I was really thrilled to skate as a Bombshell for the first time,” Magnone said. “We’ve been practicing so hard on building discipline and focus, but this game proved that we still just have so much fun playing derby!”

The most recent release of the WFTDA rankings have placed the Santa Cruz Derby Girls No. 15 in the world out of 323 teams. Santa Cruz will face the Bay Area Derby All-Stars next weekend for the first time in a sanctioned bout in Oakland.

Coach Valcohol (aka Valerie Andromacha-Atha) said: “We’re proud to have risen to the highest ranking we’ve ever held. We’re continuing to tighten up and fine tune for our next four upcoming bouts. It’s important we hold steady at No. 15, which will position us well for international playoffs in September.”

The next chance to see Santa Cruz play at the Civic Auditorium will be Aug. 19 for the Home Team Championship and Santa Cruz Derby Groms (junior derby) doubleheader.

**Article by Eileen Hill as printed in the Santa Cruz Sentinel**
**Photo Credit: Lauren Macadaeg ©2017**

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