2020 Season Schedule

The Santa Cruz Derby Girls 2020 season will consist of home team and All-Star games played publicly at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium and privately at the SCDG practice facility in Scotts Valley, as well as All-Star WFTDA games and tournaments across the country.

  • The All-Stars are comprised of skaters on:
    • SCDG's WFTDA Division I travel team, the Boardwalk Bombshells.
    • SCDG's B-team, the Harbor Hellcats.
  • The Seabright Sirens are SCDG's home C-level team.
  • The Groms are SCDG's junior league for skaters age 7-17.
POSTPONED - Saturday, March 14th
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium

Doors open 5:45 PM
Bombshells 6:30 PM

Bombshells vs Bay Area Derby

POSTPONED - Saturday, May 30th
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium

Doors open 4:00 PM
Groms 4:30 PM
Hellcats 6:45 PM

Groms: Lost Girls vs Groms Double Shots

Harbor Hellcats vs TBD

POSTPONED - Saturday, August 22nd
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium

Doors open 4:00 PM
Sirens 4:30 PM
Bombshells 6:45 PM

Seabright Sirens vs TBD

Boardwalk Bombshells vs TBD

Saturday, October 26th
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
Doors open 4:00 PM
Gromshells 4:30 PM
Adults 6:45 PM


Groms vs Groms


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