Pack Is Here! Pub Crawl


Join the SCDG Pack* for the second annual Pack Is Here! Pub Crawl! Kick off the 2017 Santa Cruz Derby Girls season with your favorite skaters, refs, and officials as we barhop through downtown Santa Cruz. Wear your SCDG gear to show your support and blend into our pack!

*In roller derby, the PACK is defined as the largest group of in-bounds and upright blockers in proximity and containing members from both teams. Blockers must maintain the pack in order to legally block their opponents. During bouts, Refs will call "Pack is here!" and signal with their hands to define the pack.

WHEN: Friday, March 3rd

WHAT: Barhopping, socializing, and general merry-making with your local derby skaters, refs, and officials

6:00 PM El Palomar Restaurant (1336 Pacific Ave.) - Enjoy extended happy hour price for all participants!
7:00 PM 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall (110 Walnut Ave.)
8:00 PM Rosie McCann's (1220 Pacific Ave.)
9:00 PM Surf City (931 Pacific Ave.)
10:00 PM Lúpulo Craft Beer House (233 Cathcart St.)
11:00 PM The Blue Lagoon (923 Pacific Ave.)

-Referees will call off the jam with four whistles when it's time to move on
-Wear your SCDG gear (we'll have some hats for sale!)
-Talk derby with a skater or ref
-Take photos and post #scdgpubcrawl
-Don't be a douchbag! Refs will call you to the box for misconduct
-Tip your bartenders, for goodness sake!
-Please be responsible and coordinate safe transportation when you split from the pack


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