If you are interested in being a skater for the Santa Cruz Derby Girls we recommend you contact our Recruiting Committee at for more information. If you would like to be a non-skating member of our league, contact Recruiting as well. If you are interested in being a referee or NSO, contact our Head Ref at or Head NSO at to get set-up with the Track Pack.

Santa Cruz Derby Girls Programs

Fresh Meat
Any new members that join the Santa Cruz Derby Girls (does not apply to most league transfers) will become a member of this program for 90 days. This program is for women only and designed to build basic skills, agility, endurance and knowledge of the game. As a FM, you will pay monthly dues, you will be welcome and invited to come to any private SCDG practices or events and you also must be actively involved in at least one committee. FM have the opportunity to eventually move into the Player program as the need arises and will be chosen by skill-level and history of league involvement. The recruiting committee is now holding boot camps geared to prepare interested skaters for this program, please contact them if interested in participating in an upcoming camp.

Player Program

These are the skaters that play at a competitive level against other leagues. This type of membership is the most difficult to maintain because of the enormous time commitment and physical demands. You must pay monthly dues, maintain a 75% monthly attendance ratio and be active on at least one committee to maintain eligibility.

Referee Program
Any person can be an SCDG Referee/NSO (male or female). You must attend a skating practice once per week to be a referee. You are welcome and invited to come to any private SCDG practices or events.

Derby Deckhands Program
This is a non-skating membership and the most flexible of all the programs; any person can be a SCDG Damaged Deck Hand (male or female). You find your own niche in one or more committees or projects, and set your own limitations as to how much work you’d like to take on. You are welcome and invited to attend any private SCDG practices (no skating) or events. You must be active on one committee or ongoing project at all times to stay in good standing with the league.


Is Roller Derby fake like wrestling?
No. Roller Derby is a legitimate sport with serious training, strategies, and rule-sets established by a world-wide sanctioning body. What roller derby may share with wrestling is the fun, competitive, and aggressive nature of the sport, the players and the fans.

What are the age requirements for players?
We require that all players be at least 18 years of age.

Do skaters get hurt?
As in any aggressive full-contact sport, injuries do occur. Bruises, sprains, strains, broken bones, and twisted ankles are a reality when playing roller derby. Strength training on and off skates is essential. Because of the nature of the sport, we require that all skaters have their own health insurance.

How much of a time commitment is required?
Being a skater involves much more than skating during practice; all skaters participate in at least one committee and attend bi-monthly league meetings. We train for approximately 8-12 hours each week and devote about 5-10 hours per week to committee work. All members are expected to help with events and bout production.

What equipment is required to play roller derby?
Safety is pivotal in derby. The following safety gear is required to practice and play roller derby: helmet, mouth guard, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. In addition, skaters need quad skates - rollerblades are not used or allowed.

Do I have to be an expert skater to join SCDG?
We do not expect interested recruits to have excellent skating skills, but we do stress that our tryouts are competitive and we do not accept everyone. The Santa Cruz Derby Girls is a serious athletic organization and we compete at a regional and national level. So if you really want to make the team we suggest you check out some open skates at your local roller rink, skate outdoors, sign up for one of our boot camps and get more information on what you can do to become a member of the league by contacting our recruiting committee.

Can I come watch a practice?
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate spectators at practice sessions. We encourage anyone who is interested in watching a practice to contact our Coaching or Recruiting committees. Special arrangements may be made for members of the press and potential new recruits. For press arrangements, please send an email to

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