May 2013 - Chelsea Smile, #13

Chelsea SmileHer name may sound charming, but there is something very menacing in it, just like in her debilitating hip-checks. If you were from Chelsea, you’d know that it refers to slicing the mouth of a victim and then kneeing them in the groin, causing their mouth to tear. Hmmmm…and she seems so nice!

Having relocated to the US only a few years ago from Slovenia, Chelsea is an intense lady; she does not hesitate to give an honest opinion on the track, and it’s uncommon for her to be intimidated physically or mentally. Being the lead singer of the local punk band, Custom Fit, has probably helped with that attitude.

She joined the first 6-week bootcamp that SCDG offered and quickly became one of the fiercest Fresh Meat in early 2011. At that time, she was a newcomer to skating, but found her groove, making her way to the Sirens as a key blocker. Because of her keen awareness & aggression on the track, Chelsea moved to the Hellcats for the 2012 season.

With all this bad-assed-ness, one would never know that she was a sweet and caring nursing aid by profession and has one of the biggest hearts in the league. But SCDG league members know: After suffering a fully torn PCL before the 2013 season began, she has remained extremely dedicated to our teams, despite not being able to skate competitively. She attends all of her team’s practices and has been an NSO at every scrimmage and game. As her Derby Wife, Victoria Mayhem, has said: “She gives 110% all the time and is very passionate about what she believes in.” Rumor has it she’s on the road to coming back full force very soon: 110%!

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