April 2013 - Hellaluna, #81

HellalunaHellaluna has skating in her blood. She must! It’s truly a family affair for her, as she’s part of a lineage of SCDG skaters that includes her mom, aunt and sister. In fact, she and her mom, Hustle & Flo, are teammates on the Harbor Hellcats, and they get to play together on the track while her step-mom keeps stats as an NSO! She’s new blood this season on the adult track as well, coming up from the Groms junior derby program to kick some Hellcat butt with fellow Grom alum (and derby wife) Dirty Die Anna. Luna looks to have a long derby career ahead of her as a jammer. She easily slips through packs with her agile speed and determination for the Hellcats, and has also traveled with the Bombshells as an alternate. Multi-talented and obviously not easily intimidated, she performed the national anthem at the Santa Cruz Warriors game in February when the Derby Girls came to support their fellow athletes. She makes a nod to the Hell’s Angel with her number, #81, and imagines her future fan club might be called the “Hella’s Angels.” I think we see a bout sign in the making?! Luna skates everywhere, so when you see her around town, tell her “Hella yeah, I’m an Angel!"

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