December 2012 - Shanks A. Million, #1mil

Shanks A. MillionShanks A Million began her derby adventure as a self-declared “Super Fan” of the Santa Cruz Roller Girls in 2007. Her young daughter also watched for a couple years, joining the Santa Cruz Derby Groms, our league’s junior program, in 2009.

Proud Mama to Betty Bite Me, Shanks soon decided that it was her turn to take the track and signed up for SCDG’s bootcamp in Summer 2011. She was drafted to the Seabright Sirens in early 2012 and quickly established her strength as a smart and hard-hitting blocker. She’s recently taken on jamming as well, using her solid skating and forceful approach to rack up points for her team. Ending her first season as a co-captain of the Sirens, Shanks leads with an encouraging, confident voice and an always-ready smile.

Win or lose on the track, Shanks always manages to win the after party; the first on the karaoke mic and on the dance floor. In 2013 Shanks will begin her second year as a Grom Coach. She is an outspoken supporter of our junior program, constantly striving to foster growth and skill as the young skaters move into full contact hitting and more challenging bouts.

Shanks has a great derby future ahead of her. With her infectious spirit, approachable demeanor and derby smarts, she’s an invaluable asset to SCDG!

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