November 2012 - Izzy Deadyet

Izzy DeadyetIzzy Deadyet, a dedicated member of the SCDG Track Pack, first became involved with Santa Cruz Derby Girls in 2009. She put in her time as an NSO (Non-Skating Official) before finally strapping on skates in 2010 and joining the Zebra Crew as a referee.

In addition to being an assistant coach for the league's junior referee program, Izzy Deadyet is also SCDG's Head NSO. Anyone can tell you that Izzy is a committed and enthusiastic crew member. She travels to numerous away bouts and tournaments each season, coordinates the referee and NSO staff for every home bout, and puts a ton of effort into processing and tracking bout statistics. A skilled multi-tasker, Izzy manages to skate home bouts while simultaneously supporting and managing the NSO team.

Izzy is also a spirited member of the league, helping with our annual prom activities, coordinating volunteer and fundraising opportunities through the annual Redwood Mountain Fair, collaborating on the referee recruitment ads our fans enjoy in each bout program, and ensuring that the Track Pack maintains a friendly and cohesive vibe.

Both on-skates and off, Izzy has proved herself to be a positive and eager league member; constantly expanding her knowledge of the rules and game and helping new Track Pack members feel welcome and supported. Santa Cruz Derby Girls is lucky to have Izzy (and her adorable dog Suzuki!) as part of our family!

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