September 2012 - The Kid, #89

The KidHurt Vonnegut. Fleetwood Smack. The skater now known and loved as The Kid started out her career with some moniker changes, but today we couldn't imagine her going by any other name. She is, now and for all time, The Kid. And what a fine kid at that.

Roller derby isn't this derby girl's first foray into skating. From the tender ages of 9 to 11 she trained long and hard at ice skating -- perhaps a testament to her agility and lightness on her skates. She also was a speedy daredevil on her rollerblades growing up, an early indication of jammer potential!

The Kid decided to sign up for league try outs after seeing the 2009 film Whip It. With years of skating background and an appetite for speed it dawned on her that perhaps roller derby was something she could do. Her fellow Fresh Meat Skaters (including derby wife Die O. Nisis) will attest to The Kid's quick progression into the jamming super star that she is today. As the youngest jammer on the Bombshells rotation (and one of the youngest members of the league) The Kid is known as a jamming powerhouse; quick-footed, incredibly strong and persistent. Fans can spot her giant smile while jamming from across the room. She's humble, she's always fun, and she's got some serious dance moves.

You have once last chance this season to see The Kid in action. Join us October 27th when the Bombshells take on SoCal roller derby. See you there!

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