July 2012 - Uncle Maim

Uncle MaimAlthough he may not totally look like Derby Girl of the Month, Uncle Maim is as Derby as they come.

As a member of the SCDG track pack for three years now, he is one of our strongest refs in the league. For the uninformed, being a zebra is no easy job; refs must know the WFTDA rulebook inside and out, make the tough calls despite dirty looks, and strive to maintain general law and order amidst the often chaotic enterprise we call roller derby. It takes all this dedication and more to be a good referee, but Maim goes above and beyond. Always striving to improve the quality and camaraderie of the league, Maim can regularly be seen wearing his helmet cam to record scrimmages so that refs and players can use the footage for training. Uncle Maim adds his influence to SCDG internally as well by sitting on the officials bout committee. To top it all off, Maim is the Head Referee for our league’s Junior Ref program! Not satisfied with the hundreds of laps around the track that he skates in bouts and practices, Maim also frequents our city’s local skate parks where he hones his skills and agility with as many people as he can convince to join him.

Thank you, Uncle Maim, for keeping us in line in a friendly, forthright fashion and for all your dedication to Santa Cruz Derby Girls!

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