June 2012 - CloudyAnna ChansaPain

CloudyAnna ChansaPainBefore becoming a Santa Cruz Derby Girl, our Derby Girl of the Month was an avid recreational skater who found joy in rolling on 8 wheels, even in absence of all the contact and strategy that derby brings. CloudyAnna ChansaPain joined SCDG's first ever six-week bootcamp in early 2011 and showed promise of becoming a fierce derby player. Fellow Fresh Meaters were in awe of Cloudy's skills as both a jammer and a blocker, and her ability to lay down the hard hits so early on. One of the first in her group to pass scrimmage assessment, Cloudy's path as a skater was halted when she suffered compound spiral fractures to her tibia and fibula, leaving her wheel-chair bound for the rest of the season. A testament to her strong spirit and love of roller derby, Cloudy stuck around so that we could all continue to enjoy her awesomeness! She was elected to the Board of Directors, and kicks ass managing the league's internal business.

Now back on her own two feet (and slowly testing out her skates), Cloudy dedicates immense amounts of time as Secretary, provides constant support to all members of the league, and allows the Public Relations Committee to exploit her talents as a graphic designer at all hours of the day (and night!). It's true, CloudyAnna ChansaPain is one of the hardest working, most dedicated members of the league and a tough derby girl to boot. Help us in recognizing this fabulous member of our league!

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