May 2011 - Hustle & Flo, #831

Hustle & FloHustle & Flo joined SCDG with a severe passion for derby. In July 2010, she came aboard as a Fresh Meat skater and participated in Rollercon (the annual roller derby convention) that same month. By January 2011 she was placed on the Seabright Sirens team and played in her first bout this month. She aspires to be a strong and effective blocker and serves as Co-point of Recruiting for the league, taking a very active role in welcoming Fresh Meat and running the Big Sister program. She is also a proud mom of derby Grom, Hellaluna who has debuted as a new super jammer for the Sugar Skulls team. She's a self-employed bookseller and her zeal for derby finds her traveling to attend derby bouts near and far. Look for this devoted derby girl helping out the new girls, cheering on her derby grom, and playing derby!

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