December 2010 - Scarlett O'Feral

Scarlett O'FarrellScarlett joined the league with the Fresh Meat class of July 2009. She began a very honest and sometimes hysterical FM blog detailing the emotional and physical roller coaster of becoming a derby girl with fellow FM Dewey Decibel. In March 2010 Scarlett focused her efforts on providing SCDG with her unmatched skill in creating and revamping league policies to better fit our growing organization. Her skill in writing policies and procedures has provided a solid foundation for SCDG and all of our 100+ members. She launched the SCDG E-Newsletter, the Inside Track, and served a vital and important role on the Public Relations committee. This month, she alone spearheaded and drove the annual SCDG elections, providing league members with clear and concise instructions, from descriptions of the elected seats to the nomination and voting process. She is proof that a successful derby league needs more than skaters to grow, thrive, and run like a well oiled machine. Scarlett also crafted some of the most amazing “bout-fits” to grace Santa Cruz Derby Girl Stadium – by hand. Sadly, we must bid farewell to Scarlett as she and Mr. O'Feral are relocating to the midwest. Thank you Scarlett for the tremendous and long lasting impact you've made on SCDG! Frankly, we DO give a damn.

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