October 2019 - E-Wrecks, #37


Winning points through lunges and attacks, with formidable posture and calculated foot work, is nothing new to E-Wrecks, # 37, October’s Derby Girl of the Month.  The only thing different is, now she does it in yellow socks. 

Prior to thrusting and parrying with her shoulders on the track, E-Wrecks thrusted and parried with a foil on the fencing strip.  This self-proclaimed competition junkie, also known as Elsa Miller, fenced for a decade in her adolescence and early adulthood. With a foil or an epee, Miller thrived in the one-vs-one dynamic of fencing.  Here she developed the strategic mindset she continues to use to crush anyone unlucky enough to match up against her during a bout. 

In 2013, seemingly unknowingly, Miller’s search for the next thrill brought her to roller derby.  On a whim she went to see the Cincinnati Roller Girls play. The next day she exchanged one set of protective gear for another.  It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the fast-paced, brutal, and strategic game of roller derby. From day one she set her sights high and was determined to compete at playoffs.  Five years after passing tryouts (plow stops not included) with the Cincinnati Roller Girls in 2014, E-Wrecks realized her dream and jammed for the Santa Cruz Bombshells at the 2019 playoffs in Salem, North Carolina. Not only is she “an amazing athlete and competitor,” shares Coach Noa Fantastica, “she is very easy to coach, always has a positive attitude, and her toe stop work on the line is world class.”  On and off her toe-stops, E-Wrecks is the consummate teammate. Not only does she score lots (and lots and lots) of points for her team as a jammer, she rules the logging and distribution of tickets for bouts, and is skilled at rock fights. 

E-Wrecks’s derby highlights extend beyond the track.  She shares that she started “derby as a new competitive outlet, and ended up with a weird and wonderful extended family.” Wrecks found a whole group of people she will fight and bleed for, knowing they would do the same for her.  This derby family has provided an acceptance and friendship that E-Wrecks has found invaluable.  

Outside of derby, Wrecks is keen on embracing the geek-life.  Pokemon enthusiasts marvel at her Jolteon tattoo. She has even been known to lose her voice after serving as a Dungeon Master in her Dungeons and Dragons’ circle.  In true E-Wrecks striving for excellence, she is reaching for the pinnacle of nerdom and hopes to publish the science fiction and fantasy she’s been writing since childhood.  She is truly living her dreams. 

Please join us in celebrating #37, E-Wrecks, as she represents team Vampire in our Unicorns Vs. Vampires bout on October 26th at the Santa Cruz Civic.  You’ll recognize her as the one plowing through the wall, on her toe stops, in those magnificent yellow socks. 


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