June 2019 - Killer Vee, #83

Killer Vee, June’s Derby Girl of the Month, explored many athletic ventures before she settled on roller derby.  As a child in the North Bay, Vee, also known as Veronica La Rosa, always won the races at Cal Skate roller rink in Rohnert Park.  Clearly, her love of being on the track started early. While the other childhood sports didn’t quite stick, it is easy to see how Vee’s softball, soccer, basketball, dance and track skills transfer to her play on the track.   She is a fast, fierce, and strategic blocker who seems to know the jammers next move before the jammer does.

Way back in 2005, Vee learned about her local San Francisco league in the newspaper.  Hoping to build a team quickly, anyone with gear and paid dues was welcome to play with the new small but mighty team. The following year, in 2006, Vee competed with this team in the Dust Devil tournament in Tucson, Arizona; the first modern day roller derby tournament, ever! In the 12 off and on seasons since then, Vee has played in more tournaments than she could count and rostered with Bay Area Derby, the Texas Rollergirls, and Sonoma County Roller Derby before playing with the Santa Cruz Derby Girls.  Vee’s exceptional enterprising and communication skills extend beyond to the track into her role as the league’s marketing director. In this role she is what Pain Jennerator refers to as “the mastermind behind so much,” she oversees SCDG’s online presence, posters, flyers, PR appearances and press. Vee’s deep knowledge and love of the game is not limited to her time on the track, she NSOs and announces too! Roller derby extends to Vee’s home-life as well. She met her husband, referee Whistle, through roller derby.  Even their miniature pinscher Flossie has been known to sport a matching referee shirt.

When not speeding on the track, you might find Vee enjoying the sights and sounds of the Bay Area.  Vee spends her working hours exploring the East Bay for her dog walking business. She is often cheering on the San Jose Sharks at the SAP Center.  Or, you’ll likely see her enjoying local indie wrestling shows with her husband.

Killer Vee’s extensive derby career has given her a unique perspective on the sport.  She knows first hand how teams flux over the years and would urge newer skaters to branch out to find the team that is the right fit for them.  In addition, Vee wants skaters to know, “Being happy is more important than being the best. It's (derby) just for fun and don't try to force it if the situation isn't bringing you happiness.”  It not surprising that this appreciation of happiness is also what fires Vee up. When sitting on the bench, she is inspired by seeing her teammates pull off incredible moves on the track. When you are lucky to see Killer Vee, #83 play, you’ll see a player who is a triple threat: she is exceptionally skilled, truly team oriented, and having a great time on the track.  

Please join us in celebrating Killer Vee, SCDG’s June Derby Girl of the Month!

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