September 2010 - Pixie Painful, #72

Pixie PainfulIt is common knowledge that Pixie Painful is fueled by pixie dust, unicorns, and rainbows. There is no other explanation for how this Derby Girl of the Month can do so much for the league! Pixie has been with the league since 2008. She is in her second season as a Harbor Hellcat and can often be seen in the pack sporting a pivot helmet panty. Off skates, Pixie fills the role of Committee Maven, a position on the Board of Directors. In this capacity, Pixie acts as a liaison between league committees and the Board and she also leads the Human Resources committee. As a Grom Mom to G-Thang, she is also active with SCDG’s junior derby program. In her civilian (non-derby) life, she enriches the minds of today’s youth as a middle school English teacher. She is also a talented “jammer” and whips up batches of delicious fruit concoctions each summer. With Pixie in our lives, we are all under the influence of her special magic and charm!

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