August 2010 - Hue Refner

Hue RefnerHue Refner is SCDG’s leader of the pack, the Track Pack, that is. Hue has been playing hockey for the last fifteen years and has been with the Santa Cruz Derby Girls since March of 2009. In addition, Hue comes from a family of skaters: He is husband to Seabright Sirens Head Coach, Cinzilla, and father to Derby Grom, Hana Slamtana. Voted in as Head Ref for the 2010 season, Hue has provided guidance and structure to the SCDG Track Pack, which consists of skating and non-skating officials (NSO’s). In addition to officiating at both home and away bouts for SCDG, Hue has been working toward becoming a WFTDA certified official. This is no easy feat and requires numerous hours of officiating at WFTDA sanctioned bouts, performance evaluations, a written test, an on-skates skills test, and letters of recommendation from certified officials. Hue has traveled far and wide to complete this goal, officiating at bouts in Seattle, Tucson, and Philadelphia. In the last year, this zebra has been a ref or NSO at over 70 bouts! Hue’s dedication to SCDG was also evident when he played a key role in helping the league secure a permanent practice space earlier this year. Hue also keeps our derby girls in style with custom lettering and numbers on their helmets and clothing. Thanks for all of your hard work, Hue!

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