March 2018 - Yeti or Not, Here I Come, #221

Yeti or Not, Here I Come

Yeti or Not, Here I Come is a true renaissance woman, both in and out of skates. As a member of our Boardwalk Bombshells All-Stars , she jams with a vengeance in a way few jammers can. According to Twin State Derby, her first league, “Yeti has the strength of a tank with Lamborghini acceleration.” These qualities make her a jammer to be reckoned with.

Yeti happened upon roller derby in 2015 on the east coast before making her way to Santa Cruz. Currently on the jammer rotation as a part of the Boardwalk Bombshells All-Stars, she’s the type of jammer that makes the opposing team weep. She’s equal parts power and finesse, and has been lovingly referred to as Pushy McJukey by her teammates. She also has a strategic side and will often outsmart the other team to easily get lead jammer, but we don’t want to spill too many of her secrets!

Before roller derby, Yeti was a competitive ski racer, danced ballet, jazz, tap, and pointe, and even played ultimate frisbee. She’s skied in multiple championships all across the country, and was once ranked top 5 in her age group in downhill skiing. After a couple ACL injuries, she hung up her ski poles, and thankfully found a pair of roller skates shortly after.

When Yeti’s not racking up points for the Bombshells, she’s the full-time trainer for our Harbor Hellcats and Seabright Sirens. She loves putting together practice plans and cultivating a great atmosphere of fun and learning. Outside of the league, you’ll find Yeti walking Seabright beach, hanging out with her Siamese cats Max and Scooby, going to the movies solo, and spending hours at Barnes and Noble with a coffee in one hand and a comic book in the other.

If you missed Yeti at our home opener in March, don’t fret! There are plenty of opportunities to see her smash through the competition. Check out our schedule for all the details!

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