January 2018 - Pain Jennerator, #649

Pain Jennerator

If you aspire to have it all, you might want to take a look at Pain Jennerator #649 for some inspiration. She’s a fierce blocker, smart pivot, and speedy jammer. Pain excels at any job on the track, generating plenty of pain when she delivers bone-crushing hits to opposing jammers. 
She first joined the league as a bootcamp participant in 2013. The good old "9 month injury" sidelined her almost immediately, but she got back on the track soon after and was drafted to SCDG’s home team, Organic Panic. Pain is a natural on skates thanks to her competitive speed-skating background. She also played soccer and was on the swim team, but roller derby, she says, is the “sport that fills my soul.” She shares this love for derby as the league’s Director of Recruiting/Bootcamp, introducing the sport of roller derby to countless women who have joined our league. 
Not only can she skate any position on the track and teach new skaters to do the same, she’s also raising two kids on skates. Oliver is playing with our Grommets (SCDG’s junior program for its youngest skaters) and Violet crushes it at the Santa Cruz Roller Palladium while her friends cling to the walls. As if that wasn’t enough, Pain is saving our earth through her work as the Director of Operations at Ecology Action. Pain Jennerator does it all! 
Want to learn to skate from Pain and the other talented SCDG Bootcamp coaches? Our next bootcamp starts in February - email Pain at bootcamp@santacruzderbygirls.org to check it out!

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