December 2017 - TaraISM, #116


A four-year veteran of the All-Stars, the Boardwalk Bombshells, and a permanent fixture in the jammer lineup, TARAism #116 is the master of slicing her way through packs of blockers without being touched. Not only can she rack up points as a jammer, she also skates bowls and jam skates - all while serving as co-captain of the Bombshells. As co-captain she helped to bring their rankings up to #19 - the highest in SCDG history. 
"Watching Tara grow as a skater and jammer, into a leader of the Bombshells has been inspiring," gushes Bombshells co-captain Shamrock N. Roller. "She is an amazing teammate and co-captain who excels at listening and finding solutions. She has a great love for derby, our league, our team, and each one of her teammates. To round out her skills, she kicks ass at Excel spreadsheets and is the resident stand-up comedian." 
Don't miss out on TARAism collecting points for the Bombshells when the 2018 season opens on March 17th. And when you see her, ask her to tell you a joke! In the meantime, learn more about Tara below.
What is your derby origin story?
When I came home to Pennsylvania the summer before starting college, my friend [who goes by the derby name, "Burger"] told me she had been playing roller derby for the past three months and it was the most fun she ever had.  I watched my first bout in October 2006 and joined the next month.  Burger and I played on Coal City Rollers where she talked me into "thinking like a jammer."
I skated with Coal City in Pennsylvania from the end of 2006 to the summer of 2008.  Then putzed around Southern California [skating] with The Syndicate until the summer of 2010.  I transferred to Cal State University - Monterey Bay and skated with Monterey Bay Derby Dames for two separate years as I attended school there.  In 2012, I studied abroad in Uppsala, Sweden where I skated on their local team and with Stockholm.  I transferred to Santa Cruz slightly before the start of the 2014 season.  Finishing my fourth season with the Bombshells marks the longest I've been on one team consecutively!
Besides being the leagues jam skate and skate park coach, what else do you do for the league? 
I feel like I really dove in head-first with the league this year! Currently, I act as coaching admin and I am working on building next year's competitive season for the league.  I am a part of our Derby Ambassador committee and also had the pleasure of co-captaining the Bombshells through the 2017 season.  Lately, I've been running practices and scrimmages to help out where I can, which does include jam skating and skateparking ;)
What is your skating and/or athletic background outside of derby? 
Outside of derby, I like to skate even more! Skate parks, if I had to choose one discipline.  Any off-skates workout I do is for the sole purpose to get better at derby.  As a kid, I played volleyball, basketball, and a one-year stint as a cheerleader in 3rd grade. (Once I accidentally kicked my friend in the face while doing a cartwheel....)
How do you spend your time outside of SCDG-related stuff? 
... I don't understand the question.   There is time to spend outside of SCDG?!  Most days I try to make up for lost time with my fiance and our fur babies.  I work as an Office Manager for Stockman's Automation, which focuses on energy efficiency projects for agriculture operations.  Skating outside the derby track is fun, too!
Tara is obviously working on jokes, too, when she's not on the track! See TARAism and the rest of our Bombshells on March 17  for the 2018 season opener. Tickets will go on sale in January!

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