November 2017 - Coach Mean Bean Casserole

Coach Casserole

The evolution of Mean Bean Casserole; from super fan to coach. 

A four year journey has brought to SCDG one of the most dedicated coaches our skaters have had the privilege to skate with. Casserole started as a superfan of the Boardwalk Bombshells and her now wife and fan favorite Beans #24. Last season she started as a coach-in-training and became the full-time coach of Organic Panic in 2017 and bench staff for the Bombshells. She has made great strides as a first time coach, fostering cohesiveness and consistency with Panic. Swoop Dogg, co-captain of Organic Panic said, “Coach Casserole has so much passion for the game and it comes through in her leadership, track awareness, cool demeanor under pressure, and impeccable game day attire.” Fellow co-captain, Def Jen Wreckers said Casserole brings, “exceptional analytical strategy and organizational prowess to the team.” 

Coach Casserole also stepped into the role as Coaching Director for the league. Her motivation, organization, and excellent communication skills has brought the league together with consistent coaching communication. Coaches are the most important cog in the wheel that is the Santa Cruz Derby Girl league and Coach Casserole has supported the framework for all skaters to excel and our All-star team to continue to rise in the rankings. Coach Casserole said it best,”Coaching is one of the most exhausting and rewarding jobs in roller derby. You carry the weight of all your team's emotion on your heart and no decision is every easy. But I live for the teaching/learning moments. When you help someone realize their potential and watch them achieve their goals it's absolutely magical.”  

Who knew a background as a Global Project Manager at Netflix, college bowling team coach (what?!) and love for roller derby would be the right recipe for leadership, strategy, and analytical skills to coach. 

We’re excited to see next season’s dapper game day attire and where Coach Casserole will take SCDG next year! 

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