May 2010 - Roxy Scarmichael, #6

Roxy ScarmichaelRoxy’s mad skills on and off the track make her one of our most involved and dedicated league members. She’s a third season veteran with SCDG, a Boardwalk Bombshell, and coach for the Santa Cruz Derby Groms! As a long-time member of our Sponsorship Committee, she has worked her magic with our supportive community and beyond to secure much-needed goods and services including our amazing Bell Helmets, Camelbak water bottles, Santa Cruz Skateboards scrimmage tanks, discounted Triple 8 kneepads, and much more. She also arranges the amazing artwork for our posters with area artists. And to top it off, she’s the best cupcake provider in the western region. Roxy is smokin’ hot!

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