January 2017 - The Dark Snyde, #200mg

The Dark Snyde

A long time ago, in a Santa Cruz Derby Girls galaxy far far away, this former skater for the Redwood Rebels, Sny-anide #200mg, faced an injury and joined the Track Pack to become THE DARK SNYDE! Sny joined the league in 2014 after completing bootcamp and was soon after drafted to the Redwood Rebels. When an injury sidelined Sny from continuing to play derby, she remained committed to the league, transitioning over to "the dark side" to train as a referee.

As one of the newest members of the Track Pack, Sny brings fresh energy and ideas, with skating and gameplay experience to back it up. She was elected a Co-Head Ref of the league alongside Wheely Serious. According to Wheely, "Sny works continually on self improvement. She has a calm professional aura and is extremely adept at keeping a cool head in a crisis. She never shies away from a challenge and is always ready to give 110% to help the league."

In her civilian life, Sny runs a successful vitamin company, and lends her talents for taking care of business as the league's recently elected Treasurer to the Board of Directors. Check out The Dark Snyde at our next game, donning her whistle and stripes and using the force to keep the skaters in line!

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