October 2016 - Absolutely Scabulous, #1210

Absolutely Scabulous

Absolutely Scabulous #1210, also lovingly called Scabbie, brings an unparalleled energy to the track. Her intensity and drive brings out an aggressive jamming style that obliterates blocker walls. While many jammers look to their offensive blockers to help their way through packs, Scabbie takes care of business herself, making her own path. She is a beast with massive strength to push and shove her way through the toughest blocking walls. "She is also an an excellent teacher—she's able to articulate and talk through the tips and tricks that have worked for her, in a way that all of us Janes, no matter our experience level, can benefit from," says Janes co-captain Skirt Vonna-Gut.

Off the track, Scabbie contributes to the league as an organizational ninja, delivering well-ordered and seamless bouts in her role as the captain of bout production. Janes co-captain Jurassic Snark says, "Scabbie is hands down the cheerleader of the Janes. No matter how crazy things get, she keeps her cool and positivity and helps the team do the same. Plus, she’s the one who brought Broseidon, our new shark mascot to us!"

See Scabbie, Broseidon, and the Steamer Janes battle it out against the Redwood Rebels for the 2016 home team championship on October 29th at the Civic!

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