May 2016 - Kosher Assault, #322

Kosher Assault

Voted Best Derby Girl this year in the Good Times’ “Best of Santa Cruz” guide, Kosher Assault #322 isn’t just a favorite among fans - she’s also been chosen by her leaguemates as Derby Girl of the Month for May! This Boardwalk Bombshells and Steamer Janes skater, known as “Salt” among the league, got her start in derby soon after watching the Bombshells play in March 2011. After that game, Salt bought a pair of skates, signed up for SCDG’s Summer 2011 boot camp, and, as she puts it, “the rest is history.”

With an athletic background in soccer and dance, Salt progressed quickly through the ranks of the league. She was drafted to SCDG’s former C-team, the Seabright Sirens, in 2012, advanced to the Harbor Hellcats B-team in 2013, and joined the All-Star Boardwalk Bombshells in 2014. Skating currently as a blocker and pivot for the Bombshells and home team the Steamer Janes, Salt is known for her tricky footwork, powerful plow stops, and strong leadership on the track.

Janes captain and Bombshells teammate Skirt Vonna-Gut admires Salt’s unmatched work ethic and skating skill on the track. “Salt's devotion to the game is absolutely limitless. During warm-up laps, she isn't just skating around talking about her weekend like most of us do: she's practicing T-drags and grapevines, and because of that, her footwork is unparalleled,” said Skirt.

Bombshells captain Shamrock N. Roller added, “Salt is one of the most passionate people I have ever met in derby; she has an intense love for the game, our league and the WFTDA. She has an extremely strong work ethic on and off the track. Off the track, she has such a strong pulse on the leagues competing in the WFTDA and is one of our go-to people when it comes to scouting other teams and stats.”

In addition to her stats wizardry, Salt has served as the Public Relations Committee Point for 2012-2013, Board of Directors Committee Maven in 2013, and Board Secretary in 2014. This season, she’s been elected as a league WFTDA Representative, where she’s responsible for keeping the league up-to-date on news from the broader women’s flat track derby community and taking part in decision-making within WFTDA.

Outside of derby, Salt works with youth in the foster care system through Haven of Hope (which is also SCDG’s Featured Nonprofit this season!) and is working toward going to graduate school. She somehow makes time to pursue her other passions outside of derby; she recently embarked on a backpacking trip across New Zealand, and she continues to take ballet classes from time to time.

Watch Salt and the rest of the Boardwalk Bombshells take on Bay Area Derby’s Richmond Wrecking Belles at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium on May 21st!

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