April 2016 - Crash Cartel, #480

Crash Cartel

For some skaters, their relationship with derby is one of “love at first sight.” This was the case for Redwood Rebel Crash Cartel, who immediately decided she wanted to play after seeing her first derby bout in 2013. A Santa Cruz local with years of birthday party skating experience at the Santa Cruz Roller Palladium and Scotts Valley roller rink, Crash jumped head-first into the derby world by joining SCDG’s boot camp in the summer of 2013. Crash quickly developed her skills as a powerful yet level-headed blocker and was drafted to the Rebels in January of 2015. This season, Crash is proving herself to be a double threat on the track, skating as both a blocker and a jammer.

Off the track, Crash has taken on a variety of leadership roles that have helped establish SCDG as a well-respected and efficiently-run non-profit organization. Serving as the 2014 Point for SCDG’s Community First committee, which makes connections with other local non-profit organizations to allow SCDG to give back to the community, Crash brought together skaters from across the league to volunteer at local events. Her strong leadership helped SCDG earn recognition at the city, county, and state levels for its contribution to the community during the 2014 season.

Crash now serves as Secretary of the SCDG Board of Directors, a highly-involved leadership role that involves managing the league calendar and member email directory, tracking incoming board emails, managing board meeting announcements and meeting minutes, and more. Drawing from her previous committee work, Crash now works to further strengthen the league’s community partnerships through sponsorship, fundraising, and collaboration with other local non-profits.

Redwood Rebel captain and teammate, Adrian’s Revenge, has noted Crash’s remarkable contribution to the league both on and off the track. “Crash is a super patient hard worker who is always willing to help out and gets a lot done behind the scenes to support the team,” said Adrian. “On the track she has really stepped up her game lately, and is bringing her inner ‘grrr’ to bring up both her jamming and her blocking skills.”

Crash’s calm presence, strong work ethic, and powerful skating style may be related to her second athletic passion: martial arts. Training simultaneously for both derby and Tae Kwon Do, Crash earned her 1st Dan Black Belt in February of 2015. She continues to practice both sports, somehow finding time to also mountain bike, hike, and enjoy Santa Cruz’s beaches with her family.

Look out for Crash’s strong blocking and smart strategizing when she and the rest of the Redwood Rebels take on the Steamer Janes at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium on April 9th!

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