February 2016 - Fluxx Capac-Hit-Her, #121

Fluxx Capac-Hit-Her

For newly-recruited Steamer Janes skater, Fluxx Capac-Hit-Her #121, one word best captures her roller derby career: commitment. Her involvement with SCDG goes back to 2009, when she first tried out for the league after being inspired by the now-classic derby movie, Whip It. Trying out with a crowd of 30 aspiring skaters in an oversized pair of skates, Fluxx didn’t make the cut the first time around. She decided to put her derby dreams on hold for a few years while she attended college, but after seeing the derby girls skate in the Santa Cruz Pride parade in 2014, she decided to give it another shot.

This time, she attended SCDG’s 2014 summer bootcamp, quickly advancing her skills to earn a spot on the league by the end of the summer. Since then, Fluxx’s involvement with the league has expanded in many directions. In addition to being a skater, Fluxx has taken to the sidelines (literally) as Purple Turtle Photography - one of SCDG’s professional photographers. Her professional background in marketing, graphic design, and social media has made her a valuable resource to the SCDG Public Relations committee, where she contributes her skills to help design the league’s promotional materials, website graphics, and social media content.

On the track, Fluxx’s commitment to the sport manifests as her team-oriented approach and willingness to jump in wherever her team needs her. Though skating most often as a blocker, Fluxx is quickly proving herself as a nimble jammer with her quick toe-stop work. Her Steamer Janes teammate and captain, Jurassic Snark, noted Fluxx’s passion for the sport and her team. “You can see [this passion] in her intensity at practice,” said Snark. “She always gives her all and has a good attitude, even when we're working on hard stuff.”

Outside of the league, Fluxx somehow makes time to pursue an eclectic range of other passions: the ukulele, anime, board games, Star Trek, and archery, among others. See Fluxx make her debut as a Steamer Jane at the February 20th season opener at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium!

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