February 2015 - Ima Hotmess, #623

There are skaters who you run into, literally; who, no matter the circumstance, no matter the score, will gently lead their teams forward, toward the points. Ima Hotmess is one of those skaters. Supportive both on and off the track, Ima embodies derby: the rules, the game, the strategy. No right-minded jammer wants to find this fierce blocker planted ahead of them; she can turn her plow stop into a weapon that will destroy the opposing team’s momentum.

Ima’s love of roller-skating goes all the way back to her teenage years, when she landed a job at a roller rink. Taking that skate love into her adult life, Ima began skating with the Monterey Bay Derby Dames in 2011. By early 2012, Ima was a rostered member of the Steinwreckers and a pivotal player in MBDD’s only undefeated home team season. Always a team player, Ima convinced her husband and son to lace up and hit the track as referees. Thus a derby family was born: Ima Hotmess, Neoscorin, and Killa Kee. By 2013, Ima had earned a spot on MBDD’s travel team, the Beasts of Eden, and captained the team to a winning record, while piloting the league to full WFTDA status.

When Ima made the transition to SCDG in 2014, she immediately established herself as a formidable and intimidating blocker, propelling her Seabright Siren teammates toward an undefeated season with her hard hits and often impenetrable walls. Ima soon joined the Harbor Hellcats for the remainder of their successful 2014 season.  With the return of SCDG home teams this 2015 season, Ima will be donning the Steamer Janes jersey.

Off the track, Ima graciously stepped up as co-director of the league at the end of the 2014 season, where she helped formulate the new home team format. She helps coach the junior ref program and enjoys working with young skaters and refs, ensuring that the league stays strong and skates wise. Ima also stepped into a coaching position for the Skater Squad crew last minute and is a Jellie favorite for her supportive, insightful coaching. When not laced into skates, Ima can be found hanging with her dogs Zombie and Shorty, turning everyday skate gear into works of creative, glittery art and enjoying time with her zebra-fied husband and son. Don’t be fooled by her caring demeanor—one lock and drive from Ima and you will be the mess needing to be picked up.

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