September 2014 - Kamikaze Rozy, #510

Kamikaze RozyKamikaze Rozy, #510, is more dervish than bomber, hopping the track at the apex, powering her way through walls, whirling and juking her way around the track to pick up the points each jam she’s in. Gleaning inspiration from her young cousins in Los Angeles who play junior derby, Rozy signed up for boot camp with SCDG the winter of 2013 and rapidly ascended the derby ranks, playing a season for the Seabright Sirens, rostering for the Harbor Hellcats and finally earning her way to a prospect spot on the Boardwalk Bombshells for the Summer/Fall 2014 season. Rozy is multi-faceted on the track, laying hits as a blocker that make opposing eyes roll, while displaying fancy footwork and agility when she donns the starred panty. Her teammates rely on her persistence and ability to shake off fierce hits from her opponents while maintaining a cool head and eye for holes in the walls ahead of her when jamming. Despite the fact that she is a double threat and has a tenacious track demeanor, Rozy is never without a thoughtful and supportive comment for up and coming skaters, and almost never without a smile.

Rozy loves the outdoors and thrives in her off track life as a UCSC Environmental Studies major who gives back to the community by teaching art to youngsters and leading backpacking and camping trips throughout California. Rozy is a SCDG Community First member, works with our featured non -profits to generate community awareness and is the artistic hand behind our giant fundraising checks that are presented to the featured non-profits at our home bouts. Hailing from the 510 area code (Berekely), Rozy has a steady and enthusiastic fan base in her family and friends. But don’t be fooled by her huge smile and big heart, Kamikaze Roxy will lay you out, jump your body and steal all your points. She’s that good.


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