February 2014 - Roasted Pony, #667

Roasted PonyRoasted Pony started her roller derby career in the summer of 2011, when she participated in SCDG's second-ever boot camp program. That fall she successfully made it past tryouts and became a full-fledged Santa Cruz Derby Girl.

Pony's athletic ability paired with her positive attitude helped her to show promise early on (even winning the "Siren To Look Out For in 2012" award). She quickly became known for her toe-stop work, as she would gallop through the pack as a fearsome and agile jammer. Pony was quickly named to Santa Cruz's C team, the Seabright Sirens, at the beginning of the 2012 season, but was sidelined due to a knee injury sustained while jamming in her first bout. Through her long healing process, Pony remained close to and committed to her team, often helping to run the bench during Siren bouts. Passionate about fitness, Pony also kept up with cross-training at the gym and outdoor skating. Her dedication and tireless effort paid off when she was added to the Harbor Hellcats roster in the middle of the 2013 season.

Like her "real life job" where she teaches high school students, Pony is an A+ teammate and is endlessly supportive of all skaters. She is quick to volunteer to help less experienced skaters master new skills and can often be found at open skates, not only improving her own skills, but also mentoring others.

This season, Pony can be found skating with the Hellcats, while also training as a Prospect with the Bombshells. All the while she will continue her efforts to bring up new skaters and improve the league overall as the point of the Bootcamp Committee.

When she's not on the track or cross-training, Pony can be found hanging out with her two adorable Daschund pups, Jamie and Mr. Noodles.

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