December 2013 - Victoria Mayhem, #514

Victoria MayhemOriginally hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Victoria Mayhem has certainly made a name for herself in little ol' Santa Cruz.

Victoria started her derby career as a member of SCDG's first ever 6-week bootcamp program back in 2011. She quickly established herself as a solid, strong blocker and underestimated jammer. In fact, in 2013 her Hellcat teammates awarded her the prize of "Secret Weapon," proving what a well-rounded and talented player she is!

She's been described as "the best derby wife ever!" by Chelsea Smile (the two of them even got "derby married" in a special ceremony in 2012), one of the nicest people in the world (as Canadians are), and a true double-threat (jammer/blocker) on our league.

Never one to rest on her laurels, this Montreal native even trained to try out for Team Canada Roller Derby this fall (we expect to see her on that team in the next few years)!

As if she weren't busy enough, this CPA, wife, and mother of two is also on the SCDG Board of Directors, serving as Treasurer for over two years. Her enduring commitment to making our league financially sustainable and a successful non-profit is highly appreciated by her fellow league-mates and no doubt the Black & Blue Crew.

 Victoria Mayhem has certainly come a long way both on and off the track in her short time on the league, and fans should look forward to seeing what this power house has to bring in 2014!

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