July 2013 - Killa Hz

Killa HzWell, he might not have some parts that a “derby girl” has, but he has all the spirit and dedication of TEN league members! Killa has been track-packing for SCDG since mid-2009, making the tough calls, despite dirty looks, and striving to maintain general law and order amidst the often chaotic game we call roller derby. As the rules have changed this season, he has helped to run trainings for other black & whites twice a month to make sure the thirty-page rulebook is understood by all NSO’s and referees. He has a lot of skating style on the track, and his dramatic “lead jammer” hand signal does not go unnoticed.

Speaking of the track, Killa has taken our beautiful new blue Sport Court track on under his wing. He organizes the dozens of league members it takes to pick up and put down the track in our practice space, and at the Kaiser Permanente Arena for game day. This is a huge undertaking, which involves thousands of pounds and a very large truck. He is MUCH appreciated!

Love of the sport is what being a referee takes, and Killa not only shows his by officiating every scrimmage and bout, but he also travels extensively with our teams to officiate our away games and give support. Keep an eye out for him in Midtown, as he’s known to take his skates and style out for a spin on the streets quite often. Thank you, Killa, for keeping us, and our track, in line in a friendly, forthright fashion!

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