Board of Directors

It takes drive, dedication, and a lot of hard work to make the Santa Cruz Derby Girls one of the top leagues in the nation, and we couldn't do it without the relentless vision and leadership of the Board of Directors.

The five-member board acts as the driving force behind SCDG, overseeing the business end of the league. By coordinating the growing network of committees, skaters, and coaches, the board of directors ensures SCDG stays in line with the league's mission to promote a full-contact sport that inspires girls and women, and that appeals to the fans in our community. The board meets monthly to discuss league issues and make policy decisions to keep SCDG progressing in the right direction.

Previous board members have helped transform SCDG from an independent league that rented a local skating rink for practices to a non-profit, Women’s Flat Track Derby Association league with a training facility, sponsors, full travel coverage and a loyal community following.

For the 2019 season, board members are committed to continuing the success of SCDG by providing competitive gameplay for our fans and engaging with our community and sponsors. Through league policy, business development, and leveraging our 100+ league members, the board is driven to become a self-sustaining non-profit organization. The Santa Cruz Derby Girls are a Santa Cruz treasure and the board intends to keep it that way!


Executive Director
Jen Wood
aka Swoop Dogg
Todd Meyer
aka Baloo
Mrs. Rage
Joyce Masongsong-Ray
aka Mrs. Rage
Elizabeth Van Hall
aka Snapdragon
Pain Jennerator
Human Resources
Jennifer McNeil
aka Pain Jennerator

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